The Reason

Hey, I have been brought up with a unique worldview. My parents have a disaster relief organization that I’ve gotten to participate in for a long time. It’s shaped the way I run my life. I want to turn whatever it is that I have in my hand—songwriting, art, musical writing—into finances to be able to help hurting people around the world.


    I have been traveling to Kosovo for the last 12 years to the village of Gjakova, and these are some of my amazing friends there that I still see there each summer.


    Developing leaders is one of my primary passions. For the last several years, I have been invited to Liverpool UK to invest in leadership teams and to go into the schools to teach life-skills.


    On my first trip to Africa in June 2008, my heart melted as I got to know some of these beautiful souls.


    egypt girls
    This is me visiting a factory while working on an art project. They wanted a picture with me because I have blue eyes, red hair, and fair skin.

JUMP! Kids

JUMP! 2016

JUMP! is a two-week summer camp experience that happens every June for over 6,000 kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

JUMP! 2015

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Here are some of her most recent kids albums!
  • jump GBA
  • PerfectPeace
  • OhOhOh
  • HangOnToYou